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The present of AR-sports

HADO - Real sports gaming

HADO is the first esport, and gaming platform which uses augmented reality to allow players to use the game arena without any cables or  restrictions.

The game is played using AR-headsets and motion sensors on players wrists which detect movement.

As a sport it requires the agility and speed of dodgeball, but also has an additional layer of digital improvements which enhances the experience and allows players to enter the digital sphere in the same arena.

Welcome to our mixed reality game!



You lift your hand, and throw the energy ball towards your opponent. Hitting shields will allow for critical hits on your opponent.



Whenever hit, your life meter shows you and your opponent the remaining life you have. Be sure to not leave your team with one player less to fight for the win.



Move to avoid being hit. Dodge the energy balls and watch out. Use shields to defend more effectively. Shields have a certain duration and strength, and can be destroyed by hits.

In order to redeploy shields, you must recharge your energy meter with your hand.


Just for fun

Just looking for something new and cool to try out as team building? Perhaps something to test with your friends and family? HADO will most surely be an experience like nothing else. 

The ability to shoot energy balls and shield up is something every kid has dreamt of. 

Now it is yours to try and enjoy!

You might even get a training out of this..

Going for the cup

HADO is THE biggest mixed realitye-sport game in the world. Every year the national champoins are qualified to the european championships.

The winners of 2021 european HADO championship was Turkey. They are now qualified for the world championships in Japan. 

Are you ready to pick up your shield and become champion?

We are planning on a norwegian championship! 

HADO in numbers


HADO was created




Countries with HADO


Countries World Wide


HADO arenas in Norway

Our Partners


The HADO World championships are held in Tokyo every year, apart from 2021 due to covid. 


Teams that are national champions, qualify for the european HADO championships.


Come by us and get connected!


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